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• 1/5/2019

So guys

We did it we reached a quarter of a million subscribers...
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• 1/5/2019

Gold-tier weapons

Can you craft them and if yes how?
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• 1/5/2019

Also WTF

I picked up the blueprint for silenced pistols yet there is nothing here! WTF it's a silent pistol! Why is it not here. I strictly remember only a few days i was playing and thinking 'WTF is a requisition pack i want to SILENCE THIS MOTHERFUCKING PISTOL!
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• 1/5/2019

What is your favorite method of killing infected

Volatile - whak with korek machete just outside the safe zone, back up when They get missed and shine light on. Repeat

Biter/viral - vault over and drop attack, interesting it give enough hight to be able to.

Bomber - glaringly grapple attack.

Tell me your top 3 methods of murder (thugs allowed?)
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• 1/5/2019
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• 1/4/2019


only thing I want for Christmas: Dying Light 2 to get released faster
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• 1/3/2019

PC Controls

I have a question for experience players. So the "USE EQUIPMENT" button is MMB mouse wheel that you gotta press to activate. Is it me or is it just hard to press the goddamn key like I don't have gaming mouse I have some old microsoft mouse and every time when I press the key it doesn't activate it so I gotta press it harder. So my question is that is it games fault or do I just have shitty mouse.(Must be the mouse right?) And if I should chance the key to my keyboard what should I use? Or should I just buy a gaming mouse. What kinda mouse would be good?
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• 1/2/2019

One more question

Is there anyway to glide down slowly or go up with the pyza suit?
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• 1/2/2019

Need helpppp!

Im sooo confused im in the old town and i got both unknown rocks/stones, but the place i got to go into wont open or let me in? Anyone know why?
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• 1/2/2019

Help plz

Can someone help me get the blade of order and the weapons featured with it
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• 1/1/2019


At the biggining a viral runs at kyle after him shooting a thug, vitals don t bite you so WT F why is this one bitting! Jade as well, continuity!
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• 12/30/2018

which is better

following or the first one
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• 12/29/2018

Busco personas PC

Busco amigos para jugar dying light PC tengo la enhanced edition.

Mi ID de Steam es MrMaxos.
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• 12/27/2018


Quiero jugar el juego Aora Quiero jugar Atlético
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• 12/23/2018

How change arrows in Pc

Hello people, i need to know how change the arrows in PC, ¿Can help me?
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• 12/23/2018

Dying light/the following

Anyone on Xbox 1 wanna play add me my gamertag is Lowlycastle94
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• 12/22/2018

Dying Light: The Following

Anyone wanna play with me?
Feel free to add me on PlayStation: Factory_Tyrant13
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• 12/18/2018


I’m extremely exited about the fact you can chose your own faction in the game.

I like the peacekeepers because I love the whole enforcement Idea they have, and how they are the closest thing to the Law Enforcement, Besides the government, (if there is one in DL2)

I also heard about the Scavengers, and how they are more like the average survivors.

What is your favorite faction that we heard of so far?
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• 12/18/2018

Dying light

Alright, The dying light game is my shit. WHO IS READY FOR ROUND 2 OF KICKING SOME ZOMBIE ASS!!!?!?!

You ready?
  • for 2? YES
  • No. Go die
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• 12/16/2018

free moneys

Sweatcoin: it pays to walk!
Sweatcoin: it pays to walk! Sweatcoin
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