A Baby is Born
Marcary asking for alcohol.
Quest Source Explore east of the Overpass

A Baby is Born is a side quest available in Dying Light. During this side quest, you'll hear a woman screaming. Upon knocking the door, Macary will tell you her wife is having a baby and is needing alcohol to disinfect the baby.

You'll need to grab alcohol bottles around the little place he lives in and turn in 3 bottles each time. This will repeat 3 times until you end up thinking this may not be a woman having a baby. Alcohol may be found randomly inside baskets, cabinets, freezers, Biters or Virals.

  • You can find 2 bottles in his house, both in 2 separated freezers.
  • You can scout 2 houses to find alcohol in cabinets or freezers.
  • NOTE: You can have alcohol before starting this side quest to speed things up.

After giving him alcohol 3 times in a row, you'll end up lock picking his door. You suddenly notice 4 survivors having a little party.


  • This is possibly a joke quest which is targeted at the Dead Island franchise's Continuous Events.


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