Dying light ahmet
Biographical information
Name Ahmet
Gender Male
Physical description
Hair Brown (Shaved)
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliations Rais's Men (Formerly)
The Tower
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light

Ahmet is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is one of the escorting survivors that needs to be protected upon helping him.


He can be found at the Kebab Bar near one of the safe zones, located near Rais's skyscraper gladiator pit. When found, he reveals that he was originally allied with Rais's people due to them getting all the Antizin before discovering their true nature (the bandits killing people for sport), causing him to desert Rais's group. Because of this, Rais's men tried hunt him down and kill him, and because of his affiliation with Rais, the people of the Tower tried to shoot him.

As he is only encountered for the first time as an escort quest, he may not appear if other quests had not been completed prior to the Crane's arrival in the area. During the quest, he leads Crane to a traincar guarded by Rais's men, which contains loot. After fighting off a Goon and three Toads, he succeeds to the Tower and gives Crane a Puff Puff Pass blueprint as a reward.



  • In the Enchanced Edition, he now wears a boxing helmet with a dust mask covering his face.
  • He reveals that when joining Rais's Men, they force you to eat a pair of human eyeballs.


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