Aida at Salim's workshop basement.
Location Slums
Affiliation Slums survivor
The Tower resident
Quest(s) Where's my Mother?

Aida is a character who appears in Dying Light. She is a mother living at the Fishermen's Village with her two kids, Yasmina and Jamil, along with her sister Meliha. After Aida briefly left the safe zone, she is bitten and is kicked out of the village by another survivor, Harun, to avoid turning on the other survivors, as they have no Antizin. Aida's kids have left the community as well. When they attempted to find safety in Harran, they are attacked by Salim, who manages to kidnap Aida, while Yasmina and Jamil escape. Yasmina makes it back to her aunt in Fisherman's Village, though she is bitten during the journey, while Jamil hides in a closet inside a cafe. Aida is eventually rescued by Kyle Crane after he defeats Salim. Crane tells her to find Jamil and evacuate to The Tower, while Yasmina will be escorted to meet them at the safe zone. This will complete the side-quest Where's My Mother? and Aida, Yasmina and Jamil will be at The Tower for the rest of the game.


Where's My Mother?

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