DROP is a gameplay feature that appears in Dying Light. The air drops come in 2-3 per day, but at random times, and sadly none contain Antizin. If you see an air drop, you need to hurry to get there before Rais's thugs get there. Air drops contain humanitarian aid sent from beyond the quarantine zone by the Global Relief Effort.

Contents and appearance Edit

Air drops come in the form of large, orange crates dropped at a random location on the map via a C-130 Hercules. They appear as a blue icon on the minimap, and when observed from a distance, the drop site gives off red smoke. The crates themselves, once opened, offer Disaster Relief On-site Packages, Flares, Medical Supplies, and Stolen Valuables. Most often, Rais's Men will reach the DROP first, with three thugs guarding the crates. In order to acquire the contents of the drop, the bandits must be dispatched first. The easiest way to do this is to throw firecrackers at them and wait for infected to show up, then attack the thugs. However, if you can't do that, or the infected don't show up, you can throw Motolovs at them and watch as they slowly die. If you have a gun, you can aim it at them and they will surrender, but don't try to shoot them, as they will attack or run and the sound will draw in Virals. The air drop can be delivered to a Quartermaster from a safe zone in return for survivor points. However, in order to claim the rewards, the air drop must be reached quickly. If not, a screen will notify the player that the air drop has been stolen. After that, there is no way to get the drop back.

Confronting the looters Edit

Whenever a drop is approached late, it will be guarded by three thugs armed with machetes, hammers and pipes. The player must confront the trio in order to secure the drop and it's contents. However, if the player has a firearm at hand, simply aiming the weapon at the bandits will cause them to put their hands in the air, sending them in a passive state. This is a much simpler way to loot the drops, as the player will save ammo and reduce the noise made by combat. It is recommended to not fire upon the bandits, as this will only prove a waste of ammunition (they will not attack you as long as you are aiming at them) and will represent a source of noise, thus attracting dangerous virals.

Note Edit

  • If you are quick enough and avoid any distractions, you can beat Rais's thugs to the drop and acquire the supplies from both crates.
  • Once the player has beaten the quest, The Pit, airdrops will no longer occur, and the player must find other means of collecting survivor points.
  • In the Slums there are some hidden airdrops but In Old Town Rais's drops are always there.


Video on how to secure Airdrops from Rais' men:

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