Ammunition (or Ammo) in Dying Light are a key component for firearms, in which they are projectiles used for the gun to functionally fire.

Ammo are usually at an Uncommon rarity, but can be found in police vans and at shops for purchase once the player reaches Survivor Rank 9 or above.

Types Edit

There are three types of ammunition available in Dying Light. Below are ammo that can be used for specific firearms.

Ammunition Image Number of Ammo Caliber Compatible Firearms
Pistol/SMG Ammo
Pistol Ammo
  • 15 Rounds (Small Box)
  • 30 Rounds (Big Box)
  • 90 Rounds (Maximum)
FMJ .45
Shotgun Ammo
Shotgun Ammo
  • 10 Shells (Small Box)
  • 20 Shells (Big Box)
  • 72 Shells (Maximum)
12 Gauge
Rifle Ammo
Rifle Ammo
  • 30 Rounds (Small Box)
  • 60 Rounds (Big Box)
  • 180 Rounds (Maximum)
5.56x45mm NATO

Trivia Edit

  • Outside of shops and police vans, Rais's Men armed with Rifles can sometimes contain Rifle Ammo.

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