"At the End of the Tunnel" is the sixth story quest of The Following expansion pack in Dying Light.

Characters Edit

Objectives Edit

The Faceless "received information" about a group of bandits matching the description I gave them - so Rais' men really are somewhere around here. They've probably occupied the granary. I have to head there and see if they've captured one of The Faceless, Brother Orcan.

Head to the granary.
Find Brother Orcan.
Yeah, it was Rais' gang and, yeah, they kidnapped Orcan. Poor guy got his mask nailed to his face. In his dying moments he told me that they're headed to the lighthouse. He said they had some problems with... some containers? They might have the vials I'm looking for!

Get to the lighthouse.
Defeat the bandits.
Take the vials.
I found the last remaining vials of the medicine. I took them with me - they're still intact and they MIGHT be the solution we've been looking for. Problem is: The Faceless seem to be in some kind of trouble. I need to get to them before the bandits do.

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