Dying light ayo
Biographical information
Full name Ayo
Gender Male
Nationality Ivorian
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
In-game information
Affiliations Harris Brecken
Location The Tower (Slums)
Appearances Awakening (Dying Light)

Ayo is a character featured in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light Edit

He is a resident of the Tower and can be found on the 19th floor, sharing an apartment with Kyle Crane among others. He works as a dispatcher for the Tower's runners, maintaining contact with them via a radio in his apartment.

He appears during the main story quest Airdrop, participating in a heated discussion with Jade and Rahim Aldemir, Harris Brecken and Timur over whether or not to turn to crime lord Kadir "Rais" Suleiman for Antizin.

Later, during the main story quest Siblings, Ayo takes over the role of Jade Aldemir in warning the runners that night is approaching and encouraging them to seek shelter.

While searching for Kristov in the quest The Prodigal Son, Crane is directed to Ayo, who reveals Kristov's last known location.

Notes Edit

  • Prior to the release of the Enhanced Edition, when playing the Be The Zombie multiplayer mode, Ayo would warn the player(s) of the Night Hunter's approach. He no longer assumes this role.
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