Baris Buruk
Biographical information
Full name Baris Buruk
Other name(s) Patient 0
Born c. 1977
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Status Deceased
Physical description
In-game information
Affiliations Best Face Forward (formerly)
Richie Vandercamp (formerly)
Location Old Town
Appearances Dying Light

Baris Buruk is a character mentioned in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

He was a resident of the Old Town district of Harran and an employee with the Best Face Forward public relations firm. During investigations by researchers with the Global Relief Effort, he was identified as the most likely candidate for "patient zero" of the epidemic. According to GRE researchers, Buruk arrived at work feeling ill and closed himself within his office. Half an hour later, strange noises were heard coming from inside the room and a concerned co-worker attempted to check on him. Buruk attacked the woman and beat her and another co-worker to death before being subdued by nearby employees. When police arrived, Buruk refused to comply and was beaten to death.

Events of Dying Light Edit

While searching the NoMesh Hotel during the side-quest The Shadow of the King, Kyle Crane discovers a letter from Dr Robert Lansing to Dr Jonathan Barto discussing the possibility that Buruk was the first person to be infected.

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