Dying light bites motel

"Restaurant. Phone. Guest laundry. TV in every room."
—Bites Motel motto.

The Bites Motel is a location featured in Dying Light. It is a motel located in the slums district of Harran.

Events of Dying Light Edit

During the side-quest The Prodigal Son, Kyle Crane finds Kristov and two other runners seeking shelter within a bus crashed into the motel's parking lot. Crane secures the yard and wipes out all infected inside the secure area before rescuing Kristov and the other runners.

Later, the location is fortified while three survivors and a trader seek shelter within the secure location, and the area is transformed into a safe zone.


  • This location is a reference to the Bates Motel, a popular TV show as well as the famed location of the movie Psycho.
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