The Black Serpent Bazaar is a location and Safe Zone featured in Dying Light. It is located in the slums of Harran, a couple blocks west of the Tower.

Events of Dying Light Edit

A portion of the bazaar was turned into a safe zone, thanks to the wrought iron fence surrounding several of the buildings and stalls. Inside are several survivors who have gathered in safety. Some of the survivors offer side-quests for Kyle Crane to complete, earning rewards.

Dahlia, a mystic woman and self-proclaimed witch, sends Kyle to retrieve black mushrooms from a nearby cave.

Volcan is a runner from the Tower jealous of the attention Crane receives, and offers a series of challenges to prove which of them is superior.

Known survivors Edit

  • Aziz - An associate of Ryan, a drug producer.
  • Dahlia - A self-proclaimed witch.
  • Gerritsen - A tourist who remains at the bazaar briefly.
  • Volcan - A jealous runner from the Tower with a challenge for Crane.

Quests Edit

Challenges Edit

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