Bolter Hunting
Requirements Catch 5 Bolters
Gamerscore 25 Game points
Trophy Trophy silver

"Bolter Hunting" is an achievement and trophy available for Dying Light.

To earn this achievement/trophy, the player must Catch 5 Bolters.

Guide Edit

Despite the name you must kill the Bolters, as there is no way to actually catch them. This can be earned quickly after completing the main story quest "Siblings". The Bolter killed during the quest counts for one of the five so only four more are needed.

While they themselves are not dangerous they are usually guarded by a few Volatiles and run when sensing danger making them tricky to kill. The locations where they can be found are on your map along with the various plants and they can only be found during the night. Make sure not to use your flashlight to prevent both the Bolter and the Volatiles from detecting you. You will need to go through a few day cycles in order to get all of them so sleeping is the fastest way to achieve this.

The best way to kill them is to use the Camouflage Survival Skill and while hidden from the other zombies senses walk up to them and kill them with a heavily damaging weapon, running away after doing so. Having the upgraded skill Camouflage Attack is even better as you will not lose your camouflage after attacking allowing you to pick up the Bolter Tissue from their corpse without having to worry about the close Volatiles. For those utilizing Hard Mode, the longer night gives you more chances to kill multiple Bolters in one go.

After killing your 5th Bolter, the trophy will unlock. You can check your Bolters captured progress from the Main Menu of the game: Under "Extras", followed by "Personal Statistic" under the "Bolters eliminated" stat.

A video guide can be found here: