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Biographical information
Name Bozak
Gender Male
Nationality Unknown (maybe Turkish)
Family Unknown
Status Alive/Deceased (Main Game Bozak)

Alive/Presumed Deceased (DLC Bozak)

Physical description
Hair Red (Main Game)
Brown (DLC)
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Mastermind
Affiliations Himself
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light
"You didn't think the game was over, did you? We're just getting started!"
—Bozak taunts Kyle Crane

Bozak is an NPC in Dying Light who serves as the quest-giver of the "Posters" challenges in Old Town, as well as the title character in The Bozak Horde DLC.

Main GameEdit

There are 9 posters scattered throughout Old Town which detail various combat and free-running challenges issued by Bozak to anyone willing to undertake them. Upon examining one of the posters, Kyle Crane will be contacted by Bozak over the radio and challenged to test his skills while Bozak observes from afar. Once Crane completes all 9 poster challenges, Bozak will contact Crane and invite him to meet him in person atop the highest tower in Old Town.

Upon being encountered face-to-face, Bozak will explain that he came to Harran to hunt and has killed many of every type of infected, including Volatiles, but has grown bored and found himself desiring a more talented, powerful enemy who would present a more challenging fight. Having found Crane "worthy", he engages him in combat, mentioning that the last person to complete the poster challenges turned out to be an easy kill and hoping that Crane provides a better fight.

Oddly, despite his boasts and the effort it takes to reach him, Bozak himself is a mediocre opponent. He has less than 250 health, even at Survivor Level 25, and should be dispatched almost effortlessly by any player strong enough to get to him. This then ends the 'Posters' quest and earns you 10,000 survivor points. He will also drop his weapon, a (non-unique) leveled Purple-rarity Dark Scythe. He can be spared by the player just leaving him and he will stay there for the rest of the game. 

The Bozak HordeEdit

Bozak also serves as the main antagonist of The Bozak Horde DLC, in which Kyle Crane travels to the Harran Stadium where he is knocked unconscious by Bozak, who straps a bomb to Crane's leg and challenges him to complete 20 different combat and free-running trials set up by Bozak throughout the stadium to prevent the bomb from going off. Throughout the DLC, Bozak (who always refers to himself either in the third person or with the plural term "we") will speak to and taunt Crane over the radio as well as appearing on various video monitors set up throughout the stadium. However, he is never encountered in person during the DLC. Once Crane completes all 20 challenges, Bozak will tell Crane that he has finally become tired of all this, and will tell Crane that he is Bozak now, or if there are more than 1 player Bozak will give to every player one pistol and they have to kill each other for the "Bozak" title. Bozak then bequeaths his bow to Crane.


  • Bozak appears in The Bozak Horde even if he is killed beforehand in the main game. Additionally, he has an entirely different mask and a much deeper, more sinister voice in The Bozak Horde than in the main game. It is possible that "Bozak" is a title rather than a single person, which is supported by Bozak bequeathing the title of Bozak to Kyle Crane at the end of the DLC. The Bozak that owns the poster challenges could also be the person who gave the Bozak in The Bozak Horde the title of "Bozak". This could explain why the two Bozaks look different, and why the player is the new Bozak. Alternatively, Bozak may have had a generic voice and character model in the main game due to being a minor character, and have been given a more unique model and voice in the DLC due to his more prominent role. His appearance in The Bozak Horde after being killed in the main game may simply be due to gameplay, similar to how Karim still appears in the "Cease and Desist" sidequest even after he dies at the end of the game's main quest.
  • In the main game, Bozak has a similar skull-mask and red Mohawk as the squad leaders in Rais' gang, the only difference being a pair of red safety bars over the left eye hole. He also wears an outfit similar to the uniform worn by Rais' gang, only lacking Rais' yellow insignia. In The Bozak Horde, Bozak has a unique mask which can be obtained after beating the DLC.
  • "Bozak" is a surname of Eastern European origin.

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