"Broadcast" is a quest available in Dying Light.

Description Edit

After the Ministry convinced the world that there are no survivors in the city of harran, they send jets to bomb the city to annihilate the virus. So Micheal sends Crane and gives him an amplifier to overcome the jam. Crane then goes to the antenna area, Crane have to turn on the power, but he have to find a keycard first to access the power station. After finding the keycard and turning the power on and killing numbers of infected. Crane then have to get on the top of the antenna tower to install the amplifer via an elevator but it get snapped and fall down, so Crane have to climb up. After climbing and installing the amplifier Crane sends a message to the world, and prevents the jets from bombing the city. Then the GRE contact him and ask him to bring Dr.Zere's research and extract him. Crane then ziplines down and exit the antenna area.

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