Charms are cosmetic upgrades for the buggy vehicle which was added to Dying Light with The Following DLC.

There are 5 charms currently found by the community across The Countryside, with more potentially hidden or not yet common knowledge.

List Edit

Name Look Location/Requirements Map
Bullets Charm
Located on the table near the vehicle

recall at Jasirs farm. It may only be

unlocked through progression of the


Cassettes Charm
Located in the bed of a pickup truck just south of The Granary, near the large gate in the quarantine wall.
Ezgi's Mascot
Ezgi Mascot Charm
Located in the safe zone on the railway

bridge. Specifically located on the table

across from the salesman in his boxcar.

Skullmace Charm

Located near the safehouse where bilal is. down near the pizza place where the first race is.

Zombie Skull
Located inside a red bus on the freeway.

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