"Crayons For The Kids" is a side quest available in Dying Light. It is given by Kate.

Mission Description Edit

WANTED: Crayons The little ones are starting to get bored, and the last thing we need is a pack of kids crying or throwing tantrums. Some crayons would really help them pass the time. Jade thinks there might be some left in the school. If you do find some, please bring them to me. Thanks, Kate

Trivia Edit

Various kids drawings on the walls of the tower can be found after the mission is completed.

A smiling sun next to the Headquarters room on floor 19

A butterfly next to the elevator on floor 19

A rose on a pillar near the elevator on floor 19

The tower with a smiling roof next to Crane's bed (includes the yellow crane that the player practiced parkour on)

A drawing of Crane on top of the yellow crane next to Crane's bedroom door.

A woodland scene with a bear and a fox next to the storage room on floor 20

A tree near the rec room on floor 20

A smiling sun, rainbow, UFO, dinosaur, hours and car opposite the rec room

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