In the timeline, between from its announcement in 2013 to 2015 before its release date, many changes or features in the process were either changed or removed from the final product. Many of these are most likely due to balancing or development reasons. Below are the many cut or changed features not present in the final game.

Changed/Modified Edit

  • The player character throughout development was changed. Before being settled on Kyle Crane, the first character shown playable was a survivor named Ken, with the default outfit being a gray shirt, short baggy pants, and blank and white sneakers. Ken also had an Australian accent. The character was then changed to a survivor named Antoine, who had instead a French accent. A possible reason why Ken and Antoine were changed was because the two would then fold into their own separate characters being Brecken and possibly Rahim.
  • Rahim's name in development was Rakim.
    • Rahim's hair was different from the final game. Before, he had a black spikey hair-style.
  • While Jade's player-model was not shown during development, her accent was changed. Before, she used to have a British accent instead of her finalized Turkish accent.
  • Brecken during development had an American accent, where instead later the player's accent and Brecken's accent were switched.
  • Rais's name in development was Razor.
  • Spike's player model used to be him wearing a long sleeved black shirt (with tapped wrists) underneath a grey short-sleeved shirt with a strap around his chest, black shorts, and sandals. His appearance also had his face with a shaved beard and was bald.
  • Rais's Men had a different player model than in the final game. Instead of their recognized black-and-gold clothing and armor, they had an orange-and-green set of appearance. This can been seen in many pre-release screenshots and videos.
  • Rais's Men originally had their firearms early into the game.
  • An alternate variant of the Volatile is seen in one of the pre-screenshots. They appear to be a harder version of the creature, and most likely would have replaced the first volatiles when the player advanced in level. The arthropod-like mandibles are visible, but appear intact together and not open, and spike-like ribs are seen on the shoulders. Notably, they do not have visible sores which are susceptible to UV light, which is the main weakness of a Volatile; this ultimately would have made them extremely hard to kill and would possibly force the player to try to escape more.
  • When using melee weapons such as hatchets and baseball bats, they had a longer recoil usage, giving a rather meaty animation shown when attacking.
  • When using the Grappling Hook, getting hoisted to the grappled area would take a bit. In the final game, you would get hoisted instantly to the grappled area when using it.
    • For a placeholder, the hook used to be a Hunter's Machete and a Military Throwing Knife.
  • When getting grappled by biters, you were able to perform on them and kill them instantly. In the final game, you were able to kick or punch biters off of you instead of killing them. This may be changed due to having the stun kill being as an unlockable ability instead.
    • When preforming the knee head-smash for the stun kill, the head didn't shatter apart like it does in the final version.
    • When preforming the jump-elbow attack, the biter would look up at the player's elbow before getting killed by the attack.
  • When it came to stunning enemies with blunt weapons, the skeleton being shown while stunned showed a section of the bones in red (showing where you hitted the enemy). In the final game, the skeleton shown while stunned showed a section of the bones shattered instead of glowing red.
  • The German 9mm Pistol rear sights were more pointed and different before.
  • When using a bladed melee weapon while using the Drop Attack ability, the weapon before wouldn't cause a large hole in the biter's chest.
  • The wind physics were more windy than in the final game, making things like the foliage giving a rather beautiful feel towards the landscape. In the final game, the wind physic have been toned down possibly to due to hardware limitations.
  • Demolishers were originally going to appear in the Slums area, including an area in the map where a demolisher would've normally broken out of a wall.
  • Before the implement of the flashlight tapped onto the player's shoulder, there was a pre-release screenshot of the player holding a handheld flashlight.
  • Goon variants included them wearing green, yellow, and white suits. Interestingly, the white suit variants looks to appear like Forever Foundation scientists.
  • Certain animations have been modified in the game.
    • The Vaulting animation was changed. Before, the vaulting animation looked more genuine than the final game's animation, where the player could see their hands, legs, and their armed weapon while jumping. In the final game, the vault animation doesn't show this and thus looks more like a bunny-hop.
    • The Whirlwind animation was also changed. Before, the swinging animation looked more rapid and out of control while hitting the enemies nearby it. In the final game, the swinging is rather straight while hitting the enemies.
    • Before two-handed weapons such as axes and sledgehammer had the horizontal swing animation when attacking, they had a vertical down-swing animation when attacking. The vertical animation is still present in the game, but is instead used for either jumping while attacking or attacking when an enemy is on the ground.
    • The throwing animation for throwing weapons such as knives and shurikens was horizontal instead of vertical.
    • The Tackle animation had the player using his right elbow and arm to tackle instead of the player's both arms with a criss-cross animation.
    • As shown sprinting with a baseball bat, the animation had the bat in hand while running.
    • The animation where you stomp a fallen biter's head was quicker and had the stomping on a side angle.
    • The Power Attack ability was also quicker, having the player instantly swinging down the weapon upon the enemy. In the final game, the attack is more slower and had Crane yelling while swinging it, thus having a more genuine feel towards it.
    • When landing onto a weak roof or a wooden pallet, the animation had the player facing down at the ground before resuming back up and continuing.
    • When using a pole, the player would slide down instead of climbing down like in the final game.
    • When landing in a pile of sandbags, the player would kneel upon landing.
    • Opening Airdrops had the animation slower than in the final game.
    • The Night Hunter's pounce animation had the creature killing the player by pounding at his chest and tearing out his internal organs.
  • Night-time gameplay has been modified from the final game.
    • Before, it seemed that the night-time gameplay had more focus on stealth. For example, when turning on the flashlight or making loud noises (such as running) would attract attention to the infected and would begin to follow you. In the final game, the infected oddly don't seem to react to light or loud noises, especially the volatiles.
    • When getting spotted by volatiles, the creatures would instantly chase you once they see you. In the final game, they have a detection meter which would take a couple of seconds before they chase you.
    • The chase music was different than in the final game. Before, it was the Escape track that played through the chase. Two versions of Escape were heard during the chase (one with more drums , and one with less drums which can be heard for the Extraction chase sequence.) In the final product, the Escape music was replaced with a different track which can be heard while being chased.
    • Before the overhaul to the parkour mechanics, volatiles would spawn in random areas while being chased, such as them breaking out of doors, or waiting inside rooms.
  • As a placeholder, the car trap used a Sedan model that resembled a Lada 2103 and Skoda from Techland's Dead Island.
    • Originally, the older-looking sedan had black windows and looked more square.
    • Ambulance vans appeared different, they were white and had blue and red designs on it; captions "Emergency Medical Service Ambulance" were printed onto the side as well as a Caduceus design and a 112 phone number.
  • Before, the Day-Night cycle would change very quickly. In the final game, this has been changed and corrected so that the cycle would last longer before shifting; day-time lasts for 60 minutes while night-time lasts for 10 minutes.
  • Originally there was a different blood texture when attacking enemies and having a more realism appearance to it. In the final game, the blood texture now has a pink mist included and resembles more of a "Tarantino" feel.
  • Antizin (then titled Suppressants) was initially set and shown to be one of the items able to retrieve from the Airdrops. Instead, items available when opening Airdrops are DROPS, medical supplies, and flares.
  • When using your Survivor Sense at night, the infected would be flashed in red instead of orange and would make a "dun" sound when nearby.
    • When playing Be the Zombie, the Night Hunter nests were flashed in yellow when using the Sense.
  • Abilities used to have an recharge time after using them. Examples of this are the Vaulting, Grapple, and Drop Kick abilities.
  • The stamina had the agility and power stamina bars together in the middle, with agility being gold and power being orange. During the development, this was changed and instead the agility was blue and power yellow.
  • The HUD appearance was changed during development. In 2013, the HUD is shown having the weapon and equipment icons on the top left corner, the map on the bottom left (the map would also be coloured red when spotted during the night) with the detection meter and heath bars around it, and the objective in white on the middle right. In NTZ Zombie's video from 2014, there was no detection bar and the heath bar had a different design. In E3 2014, the HUD now has a new map on the top right corner, with the objective now in orange and underneath the map, but the weapons and equipment location remains the same, and a new heath bar is shown at the bottom left corner.
    • The mission notification had a different design, being orange and grey with the time being underneath the notification icon.
    • The near-death screen was red instead of being black and white.
  • The base game had rankings for the levelling system, one shown as Newcomer, as shown when saving a survivor.
  • In E3 2014, the Spiked Collar blueprint had six rings around the bat with the nails implemented inside the bat.
  • In the E3 2014 Showfloor gameplay, a success bar appeared after saving survivors from enemy infected.
  • There used to be a different search animation, more akin to Ubisoft's Far Cry 3's search animation. This animation was more slower than the final game's search animation.

Cut/Removed Edit

  • One of the more recognizable biter variants removed from the final game was a hijab-wearing biter with a whitened face and blackened eyes. These variants were shown in pre-release videos until around 2015 shortly before the release date that these variants were removed. It may've been possible it was removed due to avoiding controversy from Muslims and such. However, in the countryside map, female biters can be seen wearing some sort of hat which is less controversial.
  • One of the features appears cut from the final game are choices having different consequences and the game reacting to the player's decisions.
  • According to an article on Polygon, there was said to be a reputation system when completing side missions and assisting survivors would make the player recognized in the game, survivors more helpful, and weapons in shops more cheaper.[1]
  • Having to use melee weapons such as machetes for the takedown ability was cut. An example shown was using a military machete to decapitate from behind. In the final game, the takedown ability was consisted of simply snapping the biter's neck from behind and killing them instead of using any melee weapon. A possible reason why this may've been removed is due to similarities with Dead Island, especially at the time when Dead Island 2 was in development.
  • The ability to quickly quickly turn around 180°, similar to Mirror's Edge, was cut.
  • During development, many firearms have been cut from the game. This may be due to balancing, or possible restoration for DLCs. For more information, visit the Firearms page.
  • In pre-release screenshots, dual-wielding was seen used by the player and the bandits. Two screenshots of this are the player dual-wielding a German 9mm Pistol and a Boning Knife against biters, and a bandit dual-wielding a Military Machete and a Brass Knife against the player. This may've been removed due to balancing.
  • There was seemed to be an ability to preform a wall bounce. This may've also been removed due to balancing.
  • Another ability cut is the ability to tear out the heart of a biter's chest. Again, this may've been due to balancing that this ability is cut.
  • An ability to push back the infected when getting grappled was cut, however this can be added via mods.
  • When killing a Bomber up close, the player was able to get sprayed in guts from the Bomber's exploded corpse. This was shown in the E3 2014 Showfloor gameplay.
  • In the Be The Zombie trailer, there were some player models cut, one being a gas-masked character. In some aspects, these player models, while they are Crane, do resemble Rais's Men.
  • Certain animations have been removed from the game.
    • The animation where the player's hands would raise up and surrender when at gunpoint seems to be oddly cut from the final game.
    • The animation where the player blinks after getting Toad phlegm in their eyesight.

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