Dawud Tolgan
Dying light dawud tolgan
Biographical information
Name Dawud Toglan
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Family Salma Tolgan (wife)

Sammy Tolgan (son)

Status Deceased
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Pawn Shop Owner
Affiliations The Tower
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light
Actor(s) Unknown

Dawud Toglan is a character  in Dying Light.

Dawud is a local pawn shop owner who sought refuge in The Tower along with his wife Salma his son Sammy and their mysterious daughter during the Harran virus outbreak. A pair of notes found in his pawn shop indicate that he was turned down for a gun owner's permit by Captain Halim due to a history of domestic violence and minor public brawling, and that one of his customers accused him of melting down her heirloom silver tray as the price of the silver was worth more than the item's pawn value.

He is first mentioned in passing by Mesut. Upon first speaking with him, Dawud tells Kyle Crane that he has come to feel that life in the Tower and the Slums is too unsafe, and that he wishes to leave the Slums with his family in the hopes that it will be safer for them elsewhere. He asks Crane to give him a gun so he will be well equipped enough to make the journey, thus providing the quest "Gunslinger".

Upon receiving the gun from Crane, Dawud will ask Crane to retrieve a Ray McCall action figure from his pawn shop for his son Sammy. This turns out to be a ruse. While Crane is out on the errand, Dawud uses the gun to kidnap his child Sammy in tow, leaving his wife Salma behind. Salma tells Crane that she and Dawud had been estranged for a long time, and she was in fact opposed to his idea of leaving the Tower with Sammy to find someplace safer. Crane will then promise to find Dawud and return Sammy to his mother.

He can be encountered in the mission "The Saviors" if the player completes "Gunslinger" prior to making the first trip into Old Town. He and Sammy are among the group of refugees the Saviors are smuggling into Old Town. Crane will confront Dawud about his actions in the most calm manner possible, Dawud remains civil and states that he is trying to find a better life for his son, and is willing to fight if Crane attempts to stop him. Due to being surrounded by armed Saviors, Crane is unable to press the matter further.

The Saviors bring Dawud and Sammy to Old Town, but it is even more infested with infected than the Slums, and Dawud ends up attacked and bitten by a biter. The two of them seek shelter inside an apartment, where Dawud tells his son to hide in a closet, then broadcasts a distress call on the radio stating that he is about to turn and begging someone to save his son.

Receiving the distress call, Crane travels to the apartment, where he finds Dawud who has already turned into a Viral. Crane kills the infected Dawud and then rescues Sammy and arranges for a Runner to return him to his mother. After returning to the Tower to check on Sammy and his mother, Crane and Salma talk about Dawud, concluding that for all his flaws he loved his son and died protecting him.


  • Dawud is the only Viral fought in the original game with a unique character model. Rahim Aldemir and Jade Aldemir also have unique character models when they turn into Virals, but are not actually fought in gameplay. However, in The Following Dara has a unique viral model.

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