Disaster Recovery
Requirements Get 15 Relief Packages
Gamerscore 10 Game points
Trophy Trophy bronze

Disaster Recovery is an achievement and trophy available for Dying Light.

To earn this achievement/trophy, the player must retrieve 15 Relief Packages.

Guide Edit

Relief Packages can be obtained early on and can be found in air drops, Rais's supply stashes, quarantine zones, and during certain quests. In the Slums, drops during the day can be pilfered by Rias's men, meaning you must get there quickly to get both as well as not have to fight them, the air drops during the night are harder due to the Virals and Volatiles running about but offer more experience along with guaranteeing that both drops remain.

The relief packages in Old Town are marked with a drop icon and are always guarded by Rais' men or surrounded by Virals so so be prepare for a fight. These packages can only be unlocked by picking the lock with a lockpick. If you do not any lockpick's on you, you can craft them with 1 Metal part from the Blueprint menu.

Beware, the drops in the slums will no longer be dropped once the main quest "The Pit" has been completed.

You can check your Relief Packages collected progress from the Main Menu of the game by going under "Extras", followed by "Personal Statistic" under the "DROPs recovered" stat.