Erol Asani
Erol inside the school.
Location Slums School
Affiliation Mayoral candidate
Karim's former employer
Quest(s) Cease and Desist

Erol Asani is a character who appears in Dying Light.

Erol won the mayoral election with 56% share of the votes, and was to be presented as the new Mayor on the 1st of November. The spokesperson for the Regional Election Council, Altan Yumlu, stated that 45.3% of Harran’s residents took part in the election. Erol was to take the position of the last Mayor, Kamila Fahri.

Erol also formerly employed Karim as his bodyguard. Erol ended the service of his bodyguard and parted ways after being forced by Karim to amputate his leg after it has been bitten by an infected. Erol leads a small group of survivors at the Slums School and offers Kyle Crane the side quest Cease and Desist. Upon completion of the side quest, Erol will be airlifted out of Harran and will leave a number of cases containing Disaster Relief On-site Packages as payment to Kyle for helping him exit Harran.


Cease and Desist

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