Esma Kayah
Biographical information
Full name Esma Kayah
Gender Female
Nationality Turkish
Physical description
In-game information
Location Harran
Appearances Dying Light

Esma Kayah is a character mentioned in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

She was a resident of the slums in Harran. Prior to the outbreak, she pawned a silver tray to Dawud Togan with the intention of paying to get it back. However, when she returned with the necessary money, Togan denied any knowledge of her or the tray, having likely melted it down and sold the silver for more profit. Unable to afford a lawyer, Kayah is forced to drop the allegations but still declares to Togan that God will deal with him.

Events of Dying Light Edit

A vindictive note from Kayah to Togan may be found within Togan's pawn shop.

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