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Firecrackers are equipment in Dying Light. They can act as a distraction to lure the Infected, giving Crane time to do certain tasks. They seem to be made out of a simple stone, and thick string holding the firecrackers together. The decoy can not only provide noise to attract the infected but also create small amounts of lighting at night, although if one throws too many fireworks, it may attract the attention of special infected. They can later be turned into trap bombs, which will draw enemies in as previously described and then release toxic, shrapnel or so on. Firecrackers will also ignite pools of fuel on the ground.


Got some zombies that need distracting? Just toss these little babies at 'em and run right past! ... GOD, zombies are dumb.

Quantity Produced: 8

Base Weapons


 1x Plastic
 1x Household Supplies