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Dying-Light 20150129035831 2
Gazi when Crane opens the door to his house.
Location Harran
Affiliation Unknown
Quest(s) Mother's Day

"If mama ain't not happy ain't nobody happy." Edit

- Gazi, Mother's Day

Gazi is a character in Dying Light based off Charlie Gorden from flowers for algernon. He is a resident in Harran. He provided Crane with the quest "Mother's Day".

Gazi is a character that seems to have a mental disorder that seems similar to Autism but it is never actually named or mentioned in the game. As such, his grammar in the collectable Notes throughout the game is considerably poor. His view of Harran is quite different that what one would expect. 

Despite being severely challenged, Gazi seems to be able to get past the infected with ease, although this is never really seen ingame, but is hinted through collectable notes.

As seen in the quest Mother's Day, he will only let people in if he is given his chocolates (or, to quote the box, Chocklates) and a movie called "Charly". It is likely that this movie is a reference to the 1968 movie of the same name directed by Ralph Nelson. Even after acquiring these items, Crane has to enter through the roof. Despite this, Gazi seems okay with Crane taking his medicine, as "mother's head turned into pumpkin." (Probably referring to when his mother died.)

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