Dying light gerritsen
Biographical information
Full name Gerritsen
Gender Female
Nationality American
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed sister (deceased)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
In-game information
Location Black Serpent Bazaar (Slums)
Appearances Dying Light

Gerritsen is a character featured in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light Edit

She is a survivor residing within the Black Serpent Bazaar.

When approached by Kyle Crane, she reveals that she initially travelled to Harran with her father and sister for the Global Athletics Games as a graduation gift. She is a big fan of Jade Aldemir and her kickboxing career and looked forward to watching her in the games. However, when the outbreak occurred, the sirens caused a stampede of people and Gerritsen witnessed her sister fall and get devoured by infected.

Following this interaction, Gerritsen soon leaves the Safe Zone and her status and whereabouts are unknown.

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