Gursel at Fishermen's Village
Location Fishermen's Village
Affiliation Safehouse survivor
Quest(s) Pact with Rais
Gas Mask Man
Midnight Bride

Gursel is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is located at Fishermen's Village, and is involved in several quests. During the main mission Pact with Rais, Kyle Crane arrived at the village after being directed there by Karim to collect Rais's payment dues from the village. Kyle has to defeat the infected and help to close the village gates to convince Gursel to pay Rais despite his wife's objections. The village will be unlocked as a Safe Zone and there will be other quests that involve Gursel afterwards.

Next, a member of the village Musa who will be attempting to repair the village gate handle will reveal someone who wears a gas mask and lives outside the village had sabotaged the gate handle, enabling the infected to enter the village earlier. This will start the side quest Gas Mask Man. Later, it is revealed during the quest that Gursel was the one who let the infected into the village in an effort to convince the people that they needed Rais's protection. With Kyle having found the incriminating evidence in Gursel's room, Gursel agrees to stop sabotaging the gate handle and inform Musa and the guards to leave the other man with the gas mask alone.

Sometime after completion of the side quest Gas Mask Man, Gursel will stick a help wanted notice on the village's notice board, requesting 5 units of Midnight Bride to enable his people to catch fish in larger quantities more easily. This is a relatively short fetch and return quest, although locating and obtaining the plants will need to be done at night or within 30 minutes to and from night-time.


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