Homo Homini Lupus Est
Requirements Save 15 survivors from Rais' men
Gamerscore 10 Game points
Trophy Trophy bronze

"Homo Homini Lupus Est" is an achievement and trophy available for Dying Light.

To earn this achievement/trophy, the player must Save 15 survivors from Rais' men.

Guide Edit

While traveling throughout Harran you may come across a random event involving survivors being attacked by Rais' men. If you were to save them from their torment they would reward you with some Survival XP and a weapon mod or cash. On top of saving 15 souls from Rais' cruelty an achievement/trophy pops up.

Of all of the random events in the game this one is the rarest. While it can be done in the Slums, they will disappear once the main quest, "The Pit" has been completed and can then only be found in Old Town. There are only three locations that have a chance of spawning them and all three are on top top of roofs so you should be high up if you want to find them. The three locations are:

  • North West - near the Safe Zone that's nearest to the upper right of the map. A screenshot of the exact location can be found on the left of the gallery bellow.
  • South - Just north of the southern most safe house, above the museum. A screenshot of the exact location can be found in the middle of the gallery bellow.
  • South East - A little East near the middle of the map. A screenshot of the exact location can be found on the right of the gallery bellow.

The only way to farm these random events is by traveling far away, and sleeping in a Safe Zone has a chance to cause it to reset. In order for it to count you need to kill all of Rais' men and need to go next to the hostage and click the action button to comfort them. You will know when you gain your XP and the option for an award appears.

You can check your Hostages saved progress from the Main Menu of the game: Under "Extras", followed by "Personal Statistics" under the "Survivors saved from Rais' men" stat.


  • The title is extracted from a quote in Asinaria. The full translation is "One man to another is a wolf, not a man, when he doesn't know what sort he is".

Bugs Edit

  1. On both the Xbox and PS4 version this trophy is slightly glitched and you may have to save more survivors, but it can still be done.

Similar Achievements/Trophies Edit

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