I'm a Runner and a Fighter
Requirements Complete 15 Agility or Power Challenges
Gamerscore 25 Game points
Trophy Trophy silver

"I'm a Runner and a Fighter" is an achievement and trophy available for Dying Light.

To earn this achievement/trophy, the player must Complete 15 Agility or Power Challenges.

Guide Edit

Agility and Power Challenges can be found all throughout Harran, both in the Slums and in Old Town. Between the two, Agility Challenges are easier since your only objective is to travel to a destination before your time runs out. You only need 15 between both so you can mix them up if you wish.

While most of the Agility Challenges are not difficult you may need to do them a few times to get used to them. Using the grappling hook or taking damage on some challenges will cause the challenge to fail. When doing the Power Challenges, your biggest problems are the time limit, the random and less consistent size of the zombie group type and number spawn needed to meet your challenge completion requirements as well as the difficulty in scoring a precise hit on a specific body part of the zombie on more advanced ones.

Once you have completed your 15th challenge the achievement/trophy will pop up.

Bugs Edit

  • On the PS4 version and the Xbox as well, doing co-op and not winning doesn't seem to count towards the number and results in the challenge disappearing. Doing them solo the first time around is suggested.