Jamil hiding inside a cupboard.
Location Slums
The Tower
Affiliation Slums survivor
The Tower resident
Quest(s) Where's my Mother?

Jamil is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is the son of Aida and the nephew of his aunt Meliha and has a sister Yasmina. During the side-quest Where's My Mother?, Kyle Crane will locate the building with the red flowers sign in the Slums after getting directions from Yasmina at Fishermen's Village. Kyle will have to kill all the Biters inside and to help to fortify the place by pushing heavy furniture across windows and doorways. Upon completion of these tasks, Kyle will approach Jamil who is hiding inside a cupboard to ask about his mother Aida's location. Jamil will tell about how a man named Salim who operates a workshop in the Slums forced him to get separated from his mother. Kyle will get directions to Salim's workshop and ask Jamil to stay inside the cupboard throughout. Upon completion of the side-quest, Jamil will be seen in The Tower with his mother and sister for the rest of the game.


Where's My Mother?

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