Biographical information
Full name Jamil
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Family Aida (mother)
Yasmina (sister)
Meliha (aunt)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
In-game information
Affiliations Gursel (formerly)
Harris Brecken
Location Fishermen's Village (formerly)
The Tower (Slums)
Appearances Where's My Mother? (Dying Light)

Jamil is a character featured in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light Edit

He is a young resident of the Fishermen's Village in the slums and the son of Aida. After the outbreak, his mother became infected and was kicked out of the village by local strongman Harun, causing him and his sister Yasmina to escape and go after her. They reunite nearby, but are set upon by infected and Yasmina receives a minor bite wound before they are able to seek shelter in the Red Flowers bar and cafe. Jamil is left behind as Aida takes Yasmina to Salim's Workshop, where Salim is allegedly in possession of Antizin. However, Salim asks for the pair to remain with him as his "puppets", causing Aida to demand her daughter run away as she attacked Salim. While Aida is captured and imprisoned, Yasmina is able to escape back to the village and seeks refuge with her aunt, Meliha.

Kyle Crane encounters Meliha and her friend Sibel angrily attempting to confront Harun, thus initiating the Where's My Mother? quest. Crane speaks with Yasmina and Harun and is able to track her son Jamil down to the cafe. Jamil is able to provide more information, directing Crane to Salim's Workshop nearby, where Crane encounters the hostile Salim and is forced to kill him. Crane rescues Aida from Salim's basement dungeon and encourages her to take her children and seek refuge at the Tower.

Quests Edit

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