Jasir's Farm is a location and Safe Zone featured in Dying Light: The Following. It is located in the countryside surrounding the city of Harran, east of the Pumping Station.

Known survivors Edit

  • Jasir - The owner of the farm and leader of the survivors residing there.
  • Ezgi - The rebellious daughter of Jasir.
  • Esma - A survivor who tends to the crops and children.
  • Esra - A young boy.
  • Kaan - A trader who is ejected from the compound.
  • Latif - A young girl.
  • Marwan - A drunken survivor who later leaves the enclave.
  • Polat
  • Sada - Reports Emrah missing.

Guards Edit

Missing Persons Edit

  • Belkit - Went missing near the oasis with Demit.
  • Demit - Went missing near the oasis with Belkit.
  • Emrah
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