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Jasmine is a character in Dying Light. She was the wife of Rupert and worked at the Magic Fortress kindergarten in Old Town. When the outbreak started, she and Rupert took care of the children who were left behind in the daycare, since their parents were killed. One day, Jasmine was bitten and was asked by Rupert to be locked up in the basement, so she would not harm anyone. She locked herself in a room until she turned, and Rupert filled the basement hallway with water and electrified it, to prevent her from escaping or anyone from reaching her. Crane was alerted to Jasmine's presence by Kadim, who reported hearing noises from the basement. Confronting Rupert, he revealed that Jasmine was not out scavenging supplies like he initially said, but was turned and kept in the basement. Crane volunteered to put her down, allowing her to finally rest peacefully.

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