Biographical information
Full name Jasmine
Gender Female
Nationality Turkish
Family Rupert (husband)
Status Deceased
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
In-game information
Location Magic Fortress (Old Town)
Appearances Dungeon (Dying Light)

Jasmine is a character mentioned in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

She was a resident of the Old Town district of Harran and the wife of Rupert, a gunsmith. She owned and operated the Magic Fortress daycare and was responsible for a number of children at the time of the outbreak. She cared for them along with her husband until she was infected and turned. Rupert trapped her in the basement as he was unable to bring himself to kill her.

Events of Dying Light Edit

While collecting blocks for Kadim in the side-quest Blocks for the Boy, Kyle Crane overhears the sounds of infected coming from the basement and confronts Rupert. He admits to having locked his wife down there following her infection and asks Crane to put her out of her misery, initiating the Dungeon side-quest.

Quests Edit

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