Dying light jeff
Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliations The Tower
Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Awakening

Jeff is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is a resident residing at The Tower and can be found in the lobby, by Alfie's office. Since he is an expert in working with natural gas, he handles the gas supply for the Tower's residents. Eventually, Jeff leaves the Tower and takes up residence at a house by the train bridge in the quest Gassed Up.

Gassed UpEdit

Jeff was originally a member of The Tower as their primary gas expert, but left to construct his own fort behind the train station. Jeff then shuts off the city's gas supply so he could install a building defense system called the Apocalypse Wall. After Crane receives a call from Alfie about the shut off gates, he finds Jeff to fix the problem.

Jeff tells Crane that if he wishes to resume the gas distribution, he must open three gas valves located in a tunnel, under an overpass, and near the train bridge. As Crane does so, the last gate sets off a chain reaction causing major gas leaks in the various stations. Jeff orders Crane to close the blue line's valves at the primary distribution gate, and afterwards promises to flip the master switch in his fort to resume the gas flow across the city.

Crane remedies all of the issues and returns to Jeff's fort. Jeff then activates his Apocalypse Wall, which is a deadly perimeter of open gas lines lined across his fort. The flames torch nearby Infected, but a problem causes a major explosion in his fort, killing him. Crane then tells Alfie that he has to find a replacement, in which Spike takes his place as the Tower's resident gas expert.


  • If Crane explores the ruins of the house after the explosion, he can find Jeff's corpse next to a Double-barrel Shotgun.
  • Due to his vocabulary, overall attitude, and clothing, it can be presumed Jeff served in the United States Army or another military prior to the outbreak.

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