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Biographical information
Gender Male
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
In-game information
Appearances Dying Light
Johann is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is a random encounter around the Old Town map.

Biography Edit

Despite little information about Johann's previous life, he explains to Crane upon finding him on the map that he was drunk with his friends Felix and Heinrich in the city of Harran, due to apparently believing that consuming alcohol would help him be immune to the Harran Virus. When the city was under quarentined, his friends left him behind and drew something a "man thing" on his face while he was asleep. He concludes that he's going to return to get revenge, but he needs to first figure out how.

Appearance Edit

Johann is a early-aged Caucasian male with green eyes and brown hair with the sides trimmed. He wears an aqua-and-green with a bull design on it underneath a blue-and-white Hawaiian-styled shirt with brown paints and loafers.

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