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28 007
Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Out-of-Universe information

Biography Edit

Karim is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is one of the two sub-leaders of Rais' gang other is Tahir. Earlier in the game, Karim expresses doubt in Crane's skill. Later in the game, however, as Crane works for Karim, he becomes somewhat attached to Crane. This is evident after the first battle with Rais, stripped of his gear, Crane returns to the Tower to find all of his gear conveniently returned by Karim.

During the quest-line Cease and Desist, Crane is employed under the former Governor of Harran, Erol Asani, to find Rais' men who are hunting him. Crane eventually finds the raider party massacred by zombies, before finding an active radio on one of the bodies. Using the radio, Crane searches the apartments for any remaining raiders, only to find Karim alone as the last survivor of his group. Crane then confronts Karim, who then reveals he had been a former bodyguard for Erol Asani, he also mentions that it was not actually Rais' orders to have Asani killed, rather Karim wanted to confront Asani about their past conflict during the beginning of the outbreak, and try to possibly find a ride out of Harran with the governor.

During the beginning of the outbreak, Erol Asani is bitten on the leg by a zombie, Karim, in haste to save Asani's life as his bodyguard, decides to amputate the leg. Asani protests the amputation, having received contact prior that Antizen drops would be beginning shortly, despite this, Karim still has the leg amputated, as a result Karim is then fired as Asani's bodyguard, leaving the two both embittered toward each other as they part ways.

After the governor escapes, and leaves an airdrop behind for Crane, Karim is found waiting with the supplies. Karim mentions he might have stolen the supplies for himself, but felt as though Crane had earned it, and thus leaves them to be collected by the player out of respect.

Later, after Rais betrays his gang, Rais shoots Karim and fatally wounds him right as Crane is ascending the tower to confront Rais. Crane approaches the wounded Karim, he tells Crane that this is what he and his friends deserved for trying to work with Rais, noting his fellow dead comrades around him. Karim then warns Crane that Rais has trapped the next two floors with explosives, before finally succumbing to his wounds. Karim is one of the few people Crane shows remorse for after dying.

Trivia Edit

  • During the quest Cease and Desist, it is revealed that he was a former bodyguard for Erol Asani.
  • Even after you complete the main quest line, Karim will appear during the quest, "Cease and Desist." This was because the game acts as if your progression is before the final questline for other side quests, as not to confuse people.
  • Unlike the other survivors affiliated to Rais, Crane showed remorse for Karim's death.
  • In the last mission/quest when the player meets Karim bleeding out, when he dies, he will continue to blink and move both his eyebrows and mouth slightly. Confirmed on PC
  • In earlier version of Dying Light, Crane used to say "Goodbye Karim." after Karim dies.


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