Korek Machete

The Korek Machete is a melee weapon that appears in Dying Light.

Overview Edit

The name Korek is the nickname of Techland's optimization lead. The blueprint can be considered an Easter Egg blueprint. It is located on the rooftop of a building north-west of Stuffed Turtle safe zone. You need to find a wooden box with a drawing of a pink bunny on it, jump on it and then drop in the hole in between boxes and a wall. Inside there's a blue box appearing like an GRE-styled box.

You need to kick the box (on Xbox and PS4) or press the Action button (on PC) 75 times to make the box open. The player character will speak every 15 kicks or 16 kicks on the last set, after which the box will open revealing the blueprint inside.

The machete is the best weapon you can find till about S-level 18. It cannot be modified, and cannot be repaired. Although, it is possible that the weapon has an infinite durability, but has it listed as 35/35 (infinite durability disproved on PS4 and PC - The weapon appears to degenerate with use as normal.). Another possibility that is said by some to be true, is that the Korek Machete's durability is in fact infinite, but it's power decreases upon repetative use, eventually rendering it useless. These are all rumors, and depending on who you ask, the machete can be any of them. You can use up to 4 upgrades on it and rebuilding it after it's expended it can be rebuilt using 10 alcohol and 20 metal parts. Although the blueprint is depicted as a Legendary (Orange) blueprint, the weapon actually appears as a common (White) weapon.

Note that this weapon cannot be used in Nightmare mode.

Crafting Edit

Description: This weapon is one of the best weapons you can craft in the game as it does a large amount of damage and is generally a one hit kill.

"Developers like to cheat when playing their own games. Korek likes to have everything under control. And that is his tool."

Damage: 569

Durability: 40

Handling: 300


10x Alcohol
20x Metal Parts

Location Edit

The blueprints for this weapon can be found on the rooftop of the 'Underground Parking' quarantine zone north west of the Stuffed Turtle quarantine zone, north of the slums.

Note that on PC you have to press the action button ('F' by default) instead of kicking the box.

Dying Light - Korek Machete Blueprints Location (Best Weapon)01:38

Dying Light - Korek Machete Blueprints Location (Best Weapon)

Korek Machete Blueprint


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