Kyle Crane
Biographical information
Full name Kyle Crane
Gender Male
Nationality American
Status Alive (Dying Light)
Infected/deceased (Dying Light: The Following)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6' 1" (1.85 m)
In-game information
Affiliations Harris Brecken
Jade Aldemir
Rahim Aldemir
Dr Imran Zere
Kadir "Rais" Suleiman
Location The Tower (Slums)
Embers' Tower (Old Town)
Appearances Dying Light
Dying Light: The Following
Voice actor Roger Craig Smith
"I don't know if I can fix this, but I'm sure as hell gonna try."

Kyle Crane is a main character and the protagonist of Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following. He was voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Early life

Not much is known about Crane's early life, other than that he is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He ran track in High School and likely has experience in the armed forces. He was hired by the Global Relief Effort to complete objectives in the city of Harran following the outbreak.

Events of Dying Light

Crane is hired by the GRE to hunt down Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and retrieve a file stolen from the agency. During the main story quest Awakening, he parachutes into the city but experiences a rough landing and is promptly ambushed by Tahir and a pair of bandits. Crane fires a handgun off, killing one of the bandits but unknowingly attracting virals to his location. Kyle is bitten but thankfully rescued by Jade Aldemir and Amir Ghoreyshi, who seek refuge within Mikla's Bikes. Amir is killed attempting to hold off the horde while Jade and Kyle make their escape, and Jade takes Kyle to the Tower for him to recuperate.

When Crane awakens, he meets with Rahim Aldemir, younger brother of Jade, who sends him down to the thirteenth floor to locate Mark, an injured survivor under attack by his infected brother. After proving himself, Rahim takes Kyle to their training course within the neighbouring apartment building, still under construction when the outbreak occurred.

Crane next meets with Dr. Imran Zere, who provides him with a shot of Antizin and explains that he is researching a potential cure from his mobile laboratory. The leader of Zere's guards, Spike, is responsible for establishing a number of traps throughout the district and asks Kyle to set a number of traps in preparation for a supply run led by Harris Brecken, initiating the First Assignment quest. While setting UV light traps, Crane short-circuits the power supply to the neighbourhood, and Spike directs him to a nearby power substation so he can reboot the system. However, night falls and Spike warns Crane to return to safety as quick as possible. Upon returning to Spike, he rewards Crane with a remote to activate the traps as well as the UV Flashlight.

Despite his efforts, Brecken's mission had failed, and Jade called in all runners including Crane, starting the quest Airdrop. Before entering, Jade talks to him about Brecken's injuries and asks him to back her up by preventing him to search for the next airdrop. When entering, the two discuss to Brecken about a solution; Crane will go for the drop while Brecken stays in the Tower, and the two agree. After contacting the GRE about Brecken, Crane searches the Slums for the airdrop. The first drop has been seized by Rais' Gang, but Crane successfully locates the second drop. However, after again contacting the GRE he is forced to burn the vials in order to force a meeting with Rais, suspected to be Kadir Suleiman. When night draws, he is chased by Volatiles and returns back to the Tower empty-handed.

Following his return, he joins a debate between the Tower's leadership regarding whether or not to barter with criminal warlord Rais as a way of acquiring Antizin. Crane convinces the group that he is the perfect candidate to meet with Rais, initiating the quest Pact With Rais. Kyle travels to the Garrison and arranges a meeting with Rais, positively identifying him as Suleiman. However, Crane is instead directed to report to Karim, Rais' quartermaster.

Karim has Kyle travel to nearby radio antennae operated by Alexei and his son Kristov. The antennae have broken and Karim has Crane reboot it and restore radio coverage to most of the city. When Kyle returns to Rais, he is refused payment unless he agrees to complete another task and collect tributes from nearby enclaves.

Rais first has Crane travel to Jaffar's Wheelstation and collect payment from Jaffar, before heading to a nearby tunnel in order to meet with a courier. However, the courier fails to show, so Rais sends Kyle to the Fishermen's Village, which has been overrun with infected and must be cleared. After doing so, Crane threatens the village leader Gursel into paying the tribute. Finally, Crane goes to the nearby Ferry Harbor and collects the payment from Morgan.

After returning with the payments, Karim directs Crane to investigate a missing patrol carrying valuable files. Crane is able to locate the patrol, all deceased, at a nearby Taurus petrol station, killed by a rogue gunman. After killing the shooter and retrieving the files, Crane returns to Karim and is allowed to again meet with Rais. However, Rais again refuses payment and only provides Crane with five vials of Antizin rather than the promised two crates.

Events of The Following

Crane meets Lena about an important issue and talks to a man with one eye about an escape from the city and cure for the virus. After finding a map on him that shows "a way out of Harran," Crane resolves to find it, and to find out who the one-eyed man meant by people immune to the virus. After a brief journey through a previously-unknown section of the sewers, he emerges in the mountains of The Countryside - the rural area that surrounds Harran, swarming with the infected. After traversing the mountains and establishing that his radio connection with Lena and the Tower is limited, he makes his way to Jasir's farm.

Upon arriving, the people there blank him and only Kaan, another outsider to the Children of the Sun, and Ezgi, Jasir's daughter, will answer his questions. Ezgi sets Crane the task of helping the people of the Countryside to gain their trust, and Kaan sends him to acquire a dune buggy from nearby bandits - a much-needed asset for surviving and traveling. After performing a range of duties ranging from finding missing people, creating safehouses, to killing Freaks of Nature, The Mother and her Faceless - the priests of a cult that worships the God of the Sun - will begin to help him.

At the Eye of the Sun, Crane is 'blessed' by the Mother and rendered immune to the virus by a blue gas used in their rituals, which appears to camouflage him from the docile Biters present. Afterward, he investigates this same gas out in the middle of a field, which is seen to have spilled from a military Jeep and again renders him 'invisible' to the many infected present. When the Faceless contact him again, Crane tracks down the source of the gas to a military convoy transporting "goods" inside a cave, where some of the Faceless had gone missing - of the three sent there, two were killed, and one was taken by the remnants of Rais's Men who have arrived in the countryside. He locates the base of operations used by the bandit guild inside a disused granary, killing the men inside in his search for the kidnapped Brother Oman, who is eventually found tortured to the point of death. Provided a location by Oman's last words, Crane heads to the seaside town's lighthouse to find out who is responsible for transporting the gas and the presence of Rais's Men.

In the Countryside's finale, he arrives at the lighthouse and encounters Kaan at the top. After a brief interrogation where he learns that the bandits are headed to the dam to kill the Mother, they - under Kaan's command - bring down the lighthouse with missiles while both are inside. Kaan is killed by the fall, but Crane survives and heads to the dam - avoiding roadblocks, missiles, Virals, and a time limit - in order to stop Rais's Men before they get there. When he eventually enters inside, he finds the remaining Faceless murdered and all of the bandits brutally slaughtered. The Mother speaks to him as he enters, relaying her history with the outbreak; from colonel's wife and spiritual leader of the Children of the Sun, to their last hope as they searched for what her husband asked her to see before he died. When Crane stands at the Mother's side, she reveals herself to be a sentient Volatile, tranquil in daytime and feral at night. She tells him that the blue gas is a serum that very slowly changes someone (like Crane) into what she is, which explains why the infected do not harm someone breathing it; and when drinking a liquid form of the gas, the mutation is far faster. From there, Crane is offered a choice - he can either help the Mother bring about "the coming of the God of the Sun" and end the Harran virus by detonating a nuclear warhead inside the dam at the cost of thousands of lives, or he can refuse the Mother and try to take the remaining liquid serum, stubbornly believing it to be a cure. From both endings, Kyle's status remains determined and is unknown if the two ends (or one of them) are canonical or not.

  • If choosing to take the vials, this causes the Mother to force Crane into drinking the serum before fighting him. Once he defeats her, he breaks off her head and kills her before making his way outside, seemingly suffering under side-effects of drinking the serum. When he exits into the day, he finds himself outside the quarantine walls and on the outskirts of countryside farms unaffected by the virus. When a group of children notices him, they scream in terror and Crane examines himself turning into a sentient Volatile as the night begins to come. The screen fades to black as a Volatile's scream echoes.
  • If choosing to activate the warhead, the Mother will walk to the room where the bomb is, as Crane follows her. After she unlocks the door to the fail-safe, Crane activates the warhead by typing in the codes as the Mother thanks him before the countdown finishes and the screen fades to white.


Killed Victims

Appearance and personality

Crane is a realistic depiction of how a stable, enduring and courageous individual would approach an actual apocalypse. Crane seems to rely on tactics and maneuverability, instead of brute force and unstoppable power; a trope within the zombie genre.

Humor and sarcasm is used a lot in his speech, as well as distressful remarks when under pressure, and he will say things that rational people would possibly say in the same situation, which makes him oddly relatable. Crane is also up to date with popular culture and makes subtle references and allusions.

He is not overly boastful and possibly does not want to be celebrated, as he once turned down a famous journalist's request to put him in his credits after returning his lost reports. Though he is competitive, and will not deny his skill if contested by a fellow runner, or even one of Rais's runners.

Crane's incentives are unknown, but as he is a freelance agent it can be assumed that he is lured by money, though he has been noted as one who gets "emotionally attached to subjects".

During the story, it's revealed that Crane would risk himself to save others, this being proved during when he refuses to get Jade for her to fight in Rais's pit. By the end, Crane is more saddened and angered due to the losses of Zere, Rahim, and Jade, resulting Crane having more anger presented during the fight on Rais's Tower and gives the research to Camden instead of the GRE to prevent the city from being destroyed by the Ministry.

In The Following, Crane still suffers from the grief of Rahim and Jade's deaths; this is shown in cutscenes where Crane has visions of Jade and Rahim trying to attack him. When he gets to the Countryside, he sees the farm residents and the Faceless as a new family, and he tries to keep the Tower safe by looking for a cure.

Crane appears to be a Caucasian male in his early 30's, with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a dark brown beard. He also has hairless arms and a muscular-like body.



  • He was voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who provided the voice of various minor characters in w:c:deadisland:Dead Island, another game developed by Techland.
  • During development, Crane was among three other protagonists set to operate as playable characters during co-operative play. However, the other characters were cut during production, with only Crane remaining.
  • Before setting it on Kyle Crane, the player character went into various drafts of appearance, two of them titled Ken and Antoine. See Cut Content for more information.
  • His infection number is "31" once he entered the tower.
  • He is apparently from Chicago although Karim assumed he was from Texas. He receives the nickname "Al Capone" from Karim.
  • There is a lady on floor 20 that sits beside the kids in the living room that whenever the player approaches, says: "I wonder if Crane is married."
  • After the Quest "Crayon's for The Kid's" is completed. The Player can find two crayon drawings in their room in The Tower. One is of Crane and the children of The Tower, and the other is The Tower itself.
  • He has been labeled "The Best Runner in The Tower" by several other survivors.
  • Though it was once assumed Kyle Crane was in the trailer "Run Boy Run", it is later revealed Brecken was in the trailer (which explains one of the early missions in the game)
  • In the 12 minute Dying Light demo from 2013, the player is playing as Kyle Crane during the Airdrop mission. However, Crane's character model was different and had the voice of Harris Brecken.
  • Kyle Crane is very similar to Faith Connors from "Mirror's Edge". This is due to both being runners in their respective games, both being new to running, and are known as the better runners.
  • The player can see Crane's reflection on sharp melee weapons such as machetes.
    • However, the reflection only ever shows Crane in the "Fresh Clothes" outfit, regardless of what he is actually wearing.
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