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Dying light lena
Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliations Medical Officer for The Tower
Out-of-Universe information

Lena is a character who appears in Dying Light. She is a resident of The Tower, and one of its medics. She makes her first appearance during the main quest Awakening when Rahim sent her to lend medical assistance to the Tower resident Mark. Later, she gives Crane the side quest Mother's Day as Crane was leaving Brecken's room at the conclusion of the main quest First Assignment. Lena is one of the few people in the Tower with medical training, so she's a godsend for everyone because of the constant threat of injuries, infection, death, and even worse consequences. She has a level head, but isn't afraid to help even when things are going crazy around her.

She is also in a relationship with Harris Brecken, as stated by Kyle Crane during a random encounter with Yakup. Her appearance was changed in 1.09 and she now has more makeup, a different outfit that looks similar to a medical gown.


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