Macary is a character who appears in Dying Light. While travelling around the shophouses at the east side of the Slums, Kyle Crane may hear a woman screaming. A white coloured marker will appear on the map. Kyle will have to gain entry by entering from the rooftop and reach a door. Upon knocking the door, Macary will tell Kyle her wife is having a baby and is needing alcohol to disinfect the baby and start the side quest A Baby is Born. Kyle will offer 3 units of alcohol to Macary to help his wife. Macary will ask for more alcohol and Kyle will give another 3 units of alcohol two more times before Macary's short and abrupt closing of the door in front of Kyle will prompt him to lockpick the door. Kyle will see Macary and 3 other survivors having a drinking party with the alcohol he gave earlier. Macary and all 3 other survivors will not be around afterwards.

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