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Marvin Zucker's Battle Journal Entry #1 is a collectable Battle Journal in Dying Light, written by Marvin Zucker.

Location Edit

The first battle journal is located in a safe house to the East of The Cauldron. It can be obtained towards the end of the prologue after putting the infected runner out of his misery.

Transcript Edit

Today I figured out a pretty good use for firecrackers. I had a barrel rigged to blow, but none of those damn rotters would come near it. So I got up on the roof, tossed a bundle of firecrackers next to the car, waited for them to shamble over, and then BOOM! Set it off and got every one of them! I think I might have to try to throw some right down below me, and then attempt one of those "Ground Pound" moves I've seen the guys from the Tower use. Assuming I ever figure out how they do that.

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