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Marvin Zucker's Battle Journal. Epilogue is a collectable Battle Journal by Marvin Zucker in Dying Light.

Transcript Edit

I knew my run of luck was too good to be true. One of those filthy, stinking rotters finally surprised me and took a chunk out of my shoulder. So, okay, real quick here, before I put an end to this foolishness once and for all... here's the plot to my final novel. Maybe whoever finds this will have the kindness and the way with words to put it all down on paper for me. Okay, so, a guy gets inducted into an interstellar military force, and deployed to a distant planet, and the C.O. talks to his men and says "Boys, whatever you do, do NOT have sex with the local women!" But these chicks have purple skin and huge bazongas, and Our Hero can't help himself, and then he ends up infected with this alien STD. And then, this is the really good bit, he CAN'T GO BACK TO EARTH. The military won't let him, 'cause he's contagious! So he gets sent to a quarantine planet! And he's got to find out what the origin of the disease is, or it'll slowly kill him! that I think about it, that plot might have been influenced by my current predicament. Just a bit. Not that I had sex with a rotter or anything. I'm just sayin'. Marvin Zucker, signing off.