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"Melee Throw" is a Power skill in Dying Light.


Before being patched, this skill was used to exploit a duplication glitch which made multiples of the same weapon.

Sharp Weaponry:

Deals significantly more damage and stuns most zombies. Impales zombies leaving weapon stuck within an infected or human. Weapon can be retrieved by simply getting close enough to the body (whether dead or still alive) and picking it up.

Blunt Weaponry:

Deals significantly more damage and stuns most zombies. Weapon bounces off of infected or humans (but still does damage) and is not retrievable for a few seconds after it hit the ground. After that small delay you can pick it back up.


While using EXPcalibur, throwing EXPcalibur while there is 0 or 1 Durability left will impale the infected/human, but will then be unable to retrieved and will no longer exist as a item when scanned with survivor sense. This is only true for the golden variant that is obtained only from the burning corpse. The silver variant can be thrown and picked up with no durability, however, it does not impale infected/humans and bounces off them like a blunt weapon.

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