Area: The Countryside Location: Military Outpost to the south of Bilal's Gas Station

This map can be found on a wooden crate in the military outpost along the road to the south of Bilal's Gas Station. This will label all military outposts on Crane's map with roadblock icons. A military outpost is an area where military jeeps or train carts are parked and they always have military zombies in the area near them and might have blockades set up around them. These areas also have military supply crates and you'll find military crates in some of the train carts that Crane can open for extra dirt buggy part blueprints - see the Military Crates section and the Blueprints section for more information on the military crates and the "Experimental Military Part" blueprints that Crane can find inside of them.

Military Supplies Map 1
Military Supplies Map 2
Military Supplies Map 3
Military Supplies Map 4

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