Musa at village gate
Location Fishermen's Village
Affiliation Safehouse survivor
Quest(s) Gas Mask Man
Poisonous Herbs

Musa is a character who appears in Dying Light. He can be seen attempting to repair the main gate of Fishermen's Village after the village is unlocked as a Safe Zone during the main mission Pact with Rais. Musa will offer the side mission Gas Mask Man to Kyle Crane where he thinks a person who lives outside the village and always wears a gas mask was seen sabotaging the main gate handle. After finding the actual culprit and making the person agree to stop sabotaging the main gate handle and notify Musa, Kyle will report back to Musa that the man with the gas mask who lives outside won't be giving the village any problems anymore and the village guards do not need to kill him at all. This will complete the side quest and Musa will reward Kyle with an exceptional Champion weapon mod.

After completion of the side quest, Musa will attach a help wanted notice on the village notice board asking for a number of wolfsbane to enable him to poison blades as the side quest Poisonous Herbs. This is a short fetch and return quest.


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