New Game Plus is a feature in Dying Light which is unlocked in your Main Menu, Play, Campaign, Save, Advanced settings, after reaching 100% story completion, not to be mistaken with game completion.

New Game +, New Game Plus or NG+, not to be confused with starting new save.

You can easily view your story completion percentage by pressing Esc to open menu while being in-game, it's right next to the difficulty. You can also view your both story and game completion percentage from menu, but only story completion is necessary for NG+ option to unlock.

NG+ extends Dying Light's replay value even greatly further. Making it possible to restart the Campaing in new or same difficulty while keeping character skills, inventory and collections. Starting NG+ will not reset some activities such as Parkour Fever challenges. Although changing the difficulty is already possible anytime without starting NG+. You can find difficulty options in the same Advanced settings mentioned above.

Possible difficulties to start NG+ with, are Normal, Hard and Nightmare mode.


  • Starting NG+ will apply permanent Game+ status to your current save which you started NG+ with.
  • Starting NG+ will neither create another save nor affect your other saves.
  • Game+ status is independent with other dificulties. This means that when you're starting NG+, it doesn't matter which difficulty you choose(Unless it's for Rewards), all your difficulties you play on afterwards will be also applied with Game+ status. Normal will be changed into Normal Game+, Hard will be changed into Hard Game+ and Nightmare into Nightmare Game+, even if you've only started NG+ on Normal mode.
  • Game+ status is also independent in Co-Op games you join.
  • It's possible to play with somebody who haven't yet started NG+ and vice versa.
  • The Game+ status you receive after starting NG+ cannot be reversed, the only way to get rid of it would be making a backup of your save files while you're not in NG+, and then replacing your save with a backup files that hasn't yet started NG+, but this isn't necessary.
  • All enemies are buffed with small health increase on Game+, this is most noticeable in Nightmare mode.
  • Each difficulty has Rewards, there are two outfits totalling 6 outfits from finishing all difficulties. Earning outfits from Normal difficulty is very easy as all you have to do is reach the 100% completion while playing on Normal mode. With the help of NG+ ability, it's possible to earn all the outfits by starting NG+ on each difficulty and reaching 100% story, however if you're starting NG+ on Hard or Nightmare, you must not downgrade your difficulty or join other's games until you reach 100% story and unlock Rewards, as doing this will break the ability to receive Rewards.
  • Game+ status will permanently follow your character wherever you go, including any Co-Op games you join, as well as in The Bozak Horde and even in Be The Zombie mode. Slightly making things harder for your character to handle. However, after attaining Legend skills it won't be that difficult.
  • Starting NG+ will not affect your Personal Statistics. (Side Note): In case if somebody wants to clear their Personal Statistics, you can find the file called that stores Personal Statistics here - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[Your SteamID3]\239140\remote\out\profiles\. There should be only one folder in userdata, but if you logged multiple Steam accounts there will be multiple folders as well, in this case if you don't know which one is exactly your SteamID3, you can find it here - you'll come across websites that want you to put your Steam profile link, which can be found here - after it shows your Steam profile, copy the link, paste it into one of the websites you see in google to find your SteamID3.


  • New Game + ability, as well as difficulty options will not appear in your Advanced menu if you have Bozak Horde or any DLC based Quarantine Zone tracked as quest.
  • The Following doesn't have NG+ option, however it's still possible to restart its story using the options in The Following's Advanced menu. You can find The Following's Advanced settings in the same place as Campaign, except that you must select The Following instead of Campaign while selecting the Play option in main menu.

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