Nick Pesto
Dying light nick pesto
Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality American
Physical description
Career information
Affiliations Rais's Men (Formerly)
The Tower

The Tower

Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Protect Nick

Nick Pesto is a character who appears in Dying Light. He is an American who was visiting Harran at the time of the outbreak and became involved with Rais's group. Eventually he was taken into custody but is rescued and evacuated to the Tower by Crane.

Protect NickEdit

Nick is found inside a van by the supermarket, his hands bound with zip ties. Upon being freed, he explains that he was in Harran for the Global Games but became trapped in the city after the outbreak. Originally he was in allegiance with Rais, but defected and was taken captive. After being rescued, he asks that he be evacuated to the Tower. However, he needs to make several stops around the neighborhood to collect some of his belongings that were left behind. After being brought to the Tower, he awards Crane with a Zappo blueprint.

Nick is also the author of a letter found in one of the hotels in Old Town. He uses the same language and self-centered attitude that he shows during his escort quest. In the letter, he mentions being attacked by a native woman who "tried coming on to me, mumbling in that groany gibberish language they have here." He says she bit him, and that he started feeling strange afterwards. (Note #27)


  • During the protection, it's revealed that he studied Hapkido which he it was about "hopping" when in it was actually about weapons His sensei kicked him out due to him being too dangerous.
  • When finding his ring, he says the "One Ring to Rule Them All", a reference to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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