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Biographical information
Gender Male
Nationality American
Physical description
Career information
Affiliations Rais's Men (formerly)

The Tower

Out-of-Universe information
Dying Light Appearance Dying Light

Nick Pesto is a character who appears in Dying Light played by Adam Gifford. He is one of the escorting survivors that needs to be protected upon helping him.

Overview Edit

He is found in a police van near the market, with ties around his hands. As he talks to the player, he reveals that he came to Harran for the Olympic Games (rooting for the United States side), and that he is American much like Crane.

As he is only encountered for the first time as an escort quest, he may not appear if other quests had not been completed prior to the player's arrival at the area. During the quest, the player is required to escort him to various places to get some of his belongings, like most other escort quests, and then take him to the Tower. Once the player reaches the Tower, he stands by the Tower entrance and gives the player their reward of a Zappo blueprint.

He is also the author of a letter found in one of the hotels in Old Town. He uses the same language and self-centred attitude that he shows during the quest. In it, he mentions being attacked by a native woman who "tried coming on to me, mumbling in that groany gibberish language they have here." He says she bit him, and that he started feeling strange afterwards. (Note #27)


Trivia Edit

  • In the Enchanced Edition, he now wears a helmet and a respirator mask.
  • During the protection, it's revealed that he studied Hapkido which he it was about "hopping" when in it was actually about weapons His sensei kicked him out due to him being too dangerous.
  • When finding his ring, he says the "One Ring to Rule Them All", a reference to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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