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A Night Vision Booster is a utility in Dying Light. It temporarily helps Crane see better at night (or darker areas).

Use Edit

A special combination of Herbs and Fluorescent Shrooms. When combined, they create a Booster that allows the player to see in the dark, giving them a serious edge during night operations. Survival odds at night increase dramatically as long as players use this Booster.

Night Vision will grant the players superior vision during the night, making nighttime missions and related activities much easier. While not as good as ordinary daytime vision, Night Vision is better than trying to navigate nighttime via other means, even by flashlight. It is, however, useless during the day unless the player enters a tunnel or other dark areas.

While the Booster won't initially last long by default, it's duration will be significantly improved by purchasing the proper Skills. This means that players won't have to carry as many Boosters, opening up inventory space. It's a good idea to gather the required materials whenever possible, and keep some Night Vision Boosters stashed away in safe locations.

Using Night Vision is ideal for those seeking to rank up quickly. As players gather higher amounts of Player Points at night than during the day, this Booster will come in handy.

Should the player be caught out in the open when night comes, and not be in a position to move to the Tower easily, Night Vision Boosters will make travel easier. Spotting threats and obstacles at night will aid players in their tasks, whatever they may be. It'll also help with navigating towards nighttime air drops, and won't alert Volatile infected, unlike the flashlight or flares.

Requirements Edit

  • Herbs
  • Fluorescent Shrooms

Trivia Edit

  • The key ingredients in Night Vision are Fluorescent Shrooms and Herbs. Herbs are usually easy to find, but the Shrooms only grow in specific places.
  • The player's view is tinted a greenish-yellow color while using this Booster.
  • Night Vision is one of the most useful Boosters in the entire game, as it negates much of the difficulty of nighttime.
  • There are some missions that require movement at night. Night Vision is a good choice for these instances.

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