Overview Edit

Night Walkers are a special type of Biter that has undergone a rapid and sudden transformation that occurs only at night, altough in the following it can happen at day too, which will turn them into a kind similar to the Virals.

Night Walkers have a little more health than a biter, but they are much more aggressive than even the daytime Viral, and will attack faster and with more damage. They do not attempt to dodge attacks or jump back briefly after attacking as often as a normal Viral, instead opting to charge at the player to do as much damage as possible.

The Biters will only transform into Night Walkers when they spot the player, and they will only transform when the player is currently being pursued and/or is attempting to hide from pursuing Infected. Biters will also have a higher chance of transforming into Night Walkers if they sustain damage, or if there are a large group of Biters that the Player runs by while being pursued.

Like Volatiles, Night Walkers are hindered slightly by UV light, and will stop to shield their face if the UV Flashlight is shined at them. So that means make sure you have your UV light equipped at night. UV Flares also serve to blind them. Unlike Volatiles, however, Night Walkers are only blinded by UV Light, not hurt by it, this can lead to seeing them during the day, cowering and not attacking for potentially the entire day, if one were to wait around that long.

Night Walkers run much faster than the normal daytime Virals, and will eventually catch up to the Player on a straightaway, unless the player is using a speed booster.

Although easy to fight in small numbers, Night Walkers can easily build up to dangerous numbers if the Player runs by enough Biters while being pursued. They are especially lethal in small, cramped areas, and, like normal Virals, can sometimes execute a rapid swiping attack that can drastically lower the Player's health instantly. Unlike Volatiles Night Walkers are comparatively fragile, and cannot pounce.

Night Walkers are also usually accompanied by the much-stronger Volatiles, making fighting them exponentially more difficult. If the Player manages to evade Pursuit but fails to make it to a Safehouse, they can still spot the Player like a Volatile and resume the chase. This leads to Night Walkers acting more like scouts, getting the attention of the far more lethal Volatiles after spotting the player.

In the enhanced edition there is a special rare version of the night walker that comes in roughly 1 to 5 ratio to the normal ones. It it noticable by black "plating" on its skin and significantly increased health and ability to insta kill on leap attack on occasion when player stamina is low. It gives more XP when killed than the normal variant and has high chance of finding valueable items and almost always drop a weapon mod.

Strategy Edit

  • Night Walkers will cover their eyes when the UV or regular flashlight is shined in their face.
  • They aren't as tough as Volatiles or as athletic, which makes them easier to pick off if one spots you. However, they are much faster than the normal daytime Virals. Thus, unless you are using a Speed Booster, Night Walkers and Volatiles will both be able to outrun you on a straight line.
  • If you're running into a transforming Night Walker, it is recommended to use slide and the leg-breaker ability to prevent them from catching up to Kyle. But be cautious of this, as sometimes more than one Biter can transform into Night Walkers at once.
  • When being pursued, try to avoid large groups of Biters. As long as the player is being chased and Biters are near, it is guaranteed that enough will transform into Night Walkers to make the fight even more problematic for the player.


  • During the final mission of the main story, biters can be seen turning into Night Walkers during the day, which is a rare occasion.