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Note #08 is the eighth collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

Transcript Edit

To Police Captain halim.

Harran Police Dept.

Dear Captain Halim, My name is Carl Sener, and I'm writing because I've become very concerned about a man I've seen in our neighborhood lately. His name is Salim. I do not know his last name, but he lives in a house a few streets away. He is a strange man, who often leers at women and young girls passing by. One day, a few weeks ago, he followed me all the way up to my home. I am certain that he was following me, and I could feel his gaze at my back. Then, last Tuesday, he suddenly stepped in front of me on the path and said "Would you like to perform for me?" I don't know what he meant, but it was very upsetting.

I am told that he keeps very late hours working in his basement, and that he's known in town for buying many chains and locks, and often asks the clerks odd questions about the strengths of the chains needed to restrain a human being. I realize none of this amounts to a crime, but that is surely where it will end. Please send someone to talk to him.

Thank you, Carl Sener.

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