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Note #09 is the ninth collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

Transcript Edit

Gursel- Final warning. Excuses don't cut it with Tahir, so they won't cut it with me either. You can't tekk me "it's just not working". You have to make it work. You're in charge, so it's your job. The fishermen don't want to pay tribute? Are you kidding me? Get your people in line, Gursel. That little village of yours could become a smoldering ruin in a few hours.

You say your people don't think they need our protection? Don't they get it? The one thing we can protect them from is us, and believe me, they need protection. Tahir takes a real dim view of this kind of problem. He likes to make examples. Do something-anything! But get your people in line, and do it fast -Karim

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