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Note #12 is the twelfth collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

Transcript Edit

From: Acting Governor, Colonel Kadir Suleman

Harran Emergency Central Command.

To: Major Khalim Abbas, Military Engineering Division.

Infamy Bridge Firewall Reliability.

Lt. Major Abbs,

You seem an able enough man, yet you continue to take up my time with things that I've already dispensed with. Have I been unclear? Despite my previous messages, you remain convinced that I don not understand the implications of the current situation. I assure you I do.

As you've repeatedly stated:

1) The Infamy Bridge Firewall requires a great deal of power to remain operational.

2) The electricity being drawn from the slums districts is of poor quality and prone to voltage fluctuations that often fall below the tolerance specification of the equipment.

3) This under-voltage will rapidly degrade the special UV lamps being used, resulting in an unsustainable bulb failure rate.

4) Ultimately, the entire system will fail at an unpredictable time. This will automatically trigger the failsafe demolition charges, and the bridge will be destroyed to prevent a quarantine breach.

Which brings me to the point you keep trying to make: Since we cannot know when the system will fail, we will not have enough time to withdraw our forces from the city before the demolition of the bridge occurs. It is therefore inevitable that we will be trapped in Harran, along with the infected. Many of us will become infected. Many will die needlessly.

I understand all of that.

Are we clear now?


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