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Note #16 is the sixteenth collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

Transcript Edit

Telecode Secured Transmission #210401356950

Attention: Erol Asani, Governor of Harran.

:BEGIN MESSAGE: This is a critical GRE communique: we can now confirm that the anti-viral drug Antizin has proven an effective inhibitor of the Harran Virus. While not a cure, regular administration of Antizin will prevent the onset of the most serious effect associated with the Harran pathogen.

The GRE is working with several pharmaceutical manufacturers to ramp up production of Antizin to meet the urgent needs of the Harran people. Beginning at 14:30 this afternoon, most GRE support airdrops will now include Antizin, along with basic supplies. Detailed instructions for proper dosage and use will be included.

In light of this important development, we are no longer recommending limb ampuation as a means to prevent the onset of Harran virus symptoms. Please coordinate your office with the Mayor and other local officials to make this information known to the public as soon as possible.


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